Correct Exercise for Babies

Exercising is quite useful both in terms of physical and mental development for babies. For this reason, we take a look at the correct exercise for babies for Mom's Land this month.

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Ways to Reduce Fever in Infants

In this Mom's Land article we will discuss fever, which may be a sign of disease in infants and ways to reduce fever. An increase in the general body temperature of infants, which is generally 36-37°C, is called fever, and the fever is an immune response of the body against the virus or the bacteria.

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Importance of the Umbilical Cord...

The umbilical cord is the source of life as well as a means of communication for the baby growing in his/her mother’s womb. Yet, it is not just the source of nutrition during pregnancy for the baby in his/her mother’s womb, but also a bond of oath between him/her and the mother.

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Avoiding Jealousy Between Siblings

Being in the center of attention is an instinct that is inherent in humans. Parents who are expecting the second or the next child will mostly face this situation, because the first child, who has been the sole focus of the family and the environment, sees the newborn as a rival thus the jealousy arises.

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