How should infants be fed during the winter?

Winter months, when the air temperature falls, is a period that poses an increased risk of developing disease, not only for adults but also for babies. That’s why it’s quite normal to be worried about your little baby who is trying to get used to a new environment. But of course there are ways to protect your baby from diseases during this season. Among these, a diet that strengths your baby's immune system and increases her resistance to winter diseases takes priority. Here are some tips for how babies should be fed in the winter:

- When it comes to a baby’s immune system, we need to put vitamin C at the top of the list, just as we do in adults. In addition, it is very important to provide food containing calcium, iron and magnesium for your baby in winter as these are the most important minerals that increase resistance in the human body.

- If your baby is ready to eat puree, feeding her/him with vegetable puree that includes vitamin C, mainly in winter, is another nutritional method that can strengthen the immune system. Your doctor will give you the most accurate information about whether your baby is able to eat vegetable puree yet or not.

-If your baby is four-to-six months old in winter, soup – a great winter food – may also help. In particular, vegetable soup, red lentil soup, cereal soup and tarhana soup will be extremely beneficial for your baby. Check with your doctor whether your baby is ready to consume soup.

-If your baby is more than five months old in winter, she may consume meat, which is a rich source of protein, zinc and iron. During this period, you can add meat to your baby’s soup as a puree or as minced meat. Poultry and fish without bones, which are grown with organic methods and bought from reliable shops, will also help your baby to attain a strong body in these months. Again, check with your doctor first to see whether your baby is ready to consume meat.

- Because of their fibrous structures, pulses are recommended for your baby’s diet. Beans, lentils and chickpeas may be given to babies who are more than six months old.

-The above-mentioned nutrients are effective foods in strengthening a baby's immune system. But remember, the most important food that helps babies to obtain a stronger immune system is breast milk, because it is a source of the antibodies that fight disease. Especially, in possible respiratory and digestive system problems in your baby, breast milk is effective and helps to overcome the illness more easily.