The importance of hygiene for your baby at home

Hygiene is the most important condition in terms of human health. It is especially important when it comes to your baby, who is very vulnerable to germs and viruses as his/her immune system is not like the immune system of an adult.For a newborn baby, where even the smallest microbe would be enough to make her or him sick, the hygiene of the house in which you live in is extremely important.

In this Mom’s Land article, we have prepared some tips about how to protect your baby from germs and viruses at home:

- While your baby is crawling, she/he will often be in contact with floor surfaces. Therefore, when you clean the floor of your house, try not use chemical formula ingredients. Such products may seriously harm your baby.

- Clean your baby's room at least once a week. If you have to use chemical formula products like bleach in the baby's room, do the cleaning when your baby is not at home and don’t forget to ventilate the room afterwards.

- When your child gets a little bit older, give her/him the necessary training in personal hygiene. For example, when you come home after being out, after playing on the floor inside the home, and before and after meals or after the toilet, make a habit of washing his/her hands.

-When washing your baby's hands, if possible use antibacterial liquid soap that is not harmful to the skin.

- Do not leave dusting cloths where your baby can reach them. Dust can irritate your baby’s inhalation because of its allergic properties, as well as its potential to collect many microorganisms.

- Avoid accumulating rubbish in your home, which has the potential to breed bacteria if not taken out regularly.

- Ventilating your home often is very important for your baby. You should especially ventilate your home in the summer, so your baby won’t be affected by dust or germs inside the house. The thing to note here is paying attention to the airflow that enters your home, and not leaving your baby in the draft.

- Always store your baby's clothes in a separate closet or laundry basket. You should take care not to mix her clothes with yours or your partner’s. Because adults go places where babies shouldn’t be, bacteria can be transmitted from to your baby’s clothes.

We have shared with you some tips on how you can clean your home for your baby in terms of hygiene. Wishing you all healthy and happy days with your baby at home!